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mi is a text editor to write HTML source, C language source, and so on.
It supports your editing by many features such as keyword colorize feature.

mi is currently a freeware. Please distribute this freely. But, I keep my copyright of this software.
Even if you lost any data or something by using this software, distributer and I are not responsible for it.
I am sorry but help files are not translated yet.

The Latest Version

mi Version 2.1.6b8

mi 2.1.6b8 (English) (For MacOSX) 1.9MB
This is Carbon Mach-O application. This does not work with MacOS 8.x/9.x.

Released on 5th May. 2005.

I correct link address on 18th June. I am sorry for late.

mi Version 2.1.0/2.1.1

mi 2.1.0 (English) (For MacOS7.x/8.x/9.x) 1.3MB

mi 2.1.1 (English) (For MacOSX) 2.5MB
This is Carbon application, but I do not test with MacOS 8.x/9.x.

mi 2.1.0 (English) (For 68K Mac) 1.2MB

Released on 5th Jan. 2003.

Old version

Version 2.0 is the first English version. It is based on version 2.0b15(J). (Uploaded on 2000.7.9)



If you have any question or request, please send an e-mail to me.